JavaBlackBelt Brings Web 2.0 Skills Management to US/India


News: JavaBlackBelt Brings Web 2.0 Skills Management to US/India

  1. JavaBlackBelt, a leader in Java learning and now powered by over 50,000 developers in its European community, today announced the opening of its web 2.0-based Java skills management services to enterprises in the US and India. Specifically, it has reached agreement with Boston-based Global Force DIRECT™ for distribution rights across these regions. The JavaBlackBelt service, driven by crowd-sourcing/moderation, already offers the world’s most comprehensive, state-of-the-art digest of Java skills questions. From the site, developers take online assessments served from the digest across seven levels and 19 categories. Managers access a rich set of online skill performance reports, learning path creation/tracking tools, and the ability to incorporate enterprise content into their Java skills management. JavaBlackBelt’s popularity is based on the following factors: -- It is highly engaging: because JavaBlackBelt is online and community based, developers are far more likely to consistently engage and embrace skills management. For example, JavaBlackBelt members now answer about 5M questions per year (one every 6 seconds). -- It offers comprehensive content: because the content is crowd-sourced/moderated by over 50,000 members, it inherently keeps pace with the ever-expanding nature of Java and its environments. -- It supports enterprise learning priorities: JavaBlackBelt skills management is immediately useable, is well-matched with blended learning, works naturally for global teams, can be securely connected to any LMS, and offers compelling cost savings. The subscription price for the JavaBlackBelt Enterprise Edition – which includes the assessments, reporting, learning management, and enterprise content -- is $250.00 (US) per developer, equivalent to the typical fee for joining an industry association, or about half the price for one day of training. Immediate pilots are available for $5,000.00. Assessments for individual developers are available at no charge simply by joining and contributing to the JavaBlackBelt Community Edition. You can learn more by visiting, emailing javablackbelt at globalforcedirect dot com, or calling +1-617-418-4450 (US) or +91 9818630681 (India). Developers can start their assessments immediately at More on Skills Categories JavaBlackBelt skills management spans skill categories in Java APIs such as JMS, JDBC, Java2D, JSF, Swing, RegEx, Servlet, JSP, Core J2SE, JPA and EJB; in frameworks such as Tapestry, Spring, Struts, JDom, JGoodies, Log4J, and Hibernate; in products such as Tomcat, JUnit, Ant, WebSphere, Maven, Eclipse, PMD, and CVS; and in related categories such as OO, Design Patterns, XML, HTML, UML, and SQL. As the JavaBlackBelt content is crowd-sourced/moderated, categories expand to keep pace with advancements in Java technologies.   More on JavaBlackBelt JavaBlackBelt is a global leader in Java learning services. Its web 2.0-based Java skills management site is powered by over 50,000 developers and offers developers anytime, online assessments across seven levels and 19 state-of-the-art categories. Using the site’s skills reports and learning paths, managers can realize “continuous skills management? and improve decision-making at all critical points in their development process, including at hiring, staffing, training, appraisals, and organizational planning. Major organizations that have incorporated JavaBlackBelt into their enterprise skills management include USG innotiv ICT, Smals, Axa, Capgemini, KLM, and XPlore Group.

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    ... sounbds like it might be useful. Tell me, what are "web 2.0-based Java skills" ?
  3. ... sounbds like it might be useful. Tell me, what are "web 2.0-based Java skills" ?
    Ethan: To clarify, "web 2.0-based" qualifies "Java skills management services", not just "Java". This reference to web-2.0 describes the method by which the content for the exams/assessments is sourced. I.E., all the question development and moderation is performed by the Web 2.0 JavaBlackBelt community. You find more information about how this all works @ If you are interested in following this topic of Java Skills Management in more detail, sign up for the Java Skills Blog @ or the LinkedIn @ Douglas