TeamPostgreSQL released, showcases Google Web Toolkit


News: TeamPostgreSQL released, showcases Google Web Toolkit

  1. Webworks S.A. just released TeamPostgreSQL, their web administration and team platform for the PostgreSQL database. A JEE web application with a rich AJAX client, the application serves as a showcase of what GWT can deliver in this arena, featuring a complex yet highly dynamic, customizable user interface and fast service invocations that are immediately reflected on the client. The server is realized by a slightly modified Apache Tomcat, supporting the well-known JEE features with regards to security, deployment, dynamic configuration etc. TeamPostgreSQL's main advantages are a fast and user-friendly interface, a suite of productivity features and team collaboration such as easy sharing of SQL snippets and scripts. Project web site: Announcement on
  2. I am somehow confused by this post. After reading the abstract, I do not understand if I should use this product because it is making use of GWT or because it is a functionally complete application. Don't you agree that TSS posts are too often putting emphasis on the underlying frameworks rather than on the features of the application? My .2c.