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    Hi I have created a ant script which compiles all java files of my project to a destination folder. The number of files are large so i get OutOfMemoryException. I have also tried giving memory arguments. Here's my build compile task:- After this also it gives me same exception. Please help me in this. Thanks in advcance.

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    Hi all, Please help me in this. Thanks very much
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    Try out the options and arguments at the following thread. 1. Try changing forking to true/false 2. Try changing JDK Version
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    Thanks very much for the reply. I have also trid setting ANT_OPTS variable to 1024m . But still my application runs out of memory. Please help me. My ant script is failing and i am not able to build the project because of this Out Of Memory exception. I am running on WIN-XP having 2 GB RAM Thanks very much.
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    Specify the Initial Memory Size also .
    classpathref="classpath" memoryInitialSize="1024m"/

    Also you can check  what point your ant task is failing by specifying -v option for the ant task ( Example ant -v -f build.xml  bundle.release)