Immediatly Need Help in Deploying Entity BEan


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Immediatly Need Help in Deploying Entity BEan

  1. Sir/Madam,
       I've compiled all of my bean requirements.but when deployed weblogic 5.1.0, i'm getting an error over invalid param for findByPrimarykey.Can you plz send me the entire procdure for deploying CMP Bean in Weblogic.I'll be grateful if u assist me reg the same.

    Thanking you

    Easwara Moorthy.P.S
  2. hi,
      if u use a single field primary key primary key class is not first try to deploy it without primary key class if u have one..
      else try to give the parameter as object type..for example if ur primary key is integer give the parameter as
    findByprimaryKey(Integer pk) like this..

     hope this will help you
    all the best
  3. hi ,

    first of all check the datatype in thedatabase as well as in the coding style and in the deployment stage check with the procedural backups parameters

    best wishes ever
  4. if u r not using primary key class then u can pass any java primitive data the ejb-jar.xml , in primary key field tag, u use java.lang.String and <prim-classfield> use the primary key variable u used in the program.

    If on other hand use primary key class, u need to pass the Primary key class name as in the <primary key field>. No need to specify <prim-class field>.
    I hope this works