Idoox WASP (Web Application and Services Platform) enables efficient development, testing and deployment of SOAP Web Services. It consists of Web Services Runtime pluggable to any Servlet API compliant engine, visual (Sun Forte for Java/NetBeans extensions) and command-line tools. Idoox WASP is available for free on

WASP Runtime main features:

- Full SOAP 1.1 compliance
- Interoperability with Microsoft and Apache SOAP implementations
- Custom serialization
- Remote reference handling
- Arbitrary data structure encoding
- Java Servlet API 2.1 SOAP dispatcher compatibility
- MIME Multipart support for arbitrary attachments
- Secure HTTPS connection support
- 100% Java
- Dynamic Web Service deployment/undeployment across the network
- Automated EJB wrapper generation
- WAR deployment

WASP Tools main features:
- WSDL 1.0 support
- Automated Java stub/skeleton generation from WSDL/SCL
- Automated WSDL generation from Java code
- Both old and new XML Schema drafts supported
- Both command-line and visual tools
- WASP Tools turn Sun Forte for Java (aka NetBeans) to full-featured web service IDE
- Borland JBuilder supported by third-party extensions

Idoox website contains many tutorials (including advanced security and transaction context propagation demos) that help to get started with Web Services.