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    Thomson Reuters' OpenCalais project ( is a free "text-analytics-as-a-service" endpoint with SOAP and REST APIs. As such, it lets you pass text in, and get detailed RDF and entity metadata out, all for the cost of an HTTP POST. (There is no charge to use the service.) To show the power of this approach, I wrote an OpenOffice macro that lets you highlight text in an open document, invoke the macro, and get back a highly detailed metadata payload from OpenCalais containing entities and other information extracted from the document. (This is possible because OO.o's JavaScript engine is Java-based and it lets you use JRE network-I/O methods. Thus you can do AJAX from OO.o.) I discuss all this in some detail -- and give a pointer to the source code -- in my blog post at I'd be interested in knowing if anybody else has tried the OpenCalais API, and if so, what are you doing with it? What has your experience been? Most of all, what implications do you think Text-Analytics-as-a-Service hold for

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    OpenCalais sounds interesting, but mentioning semantic web is a complete turn off. Semantic web as W3C defines it is complete non-sense pie-in-the-sky gibberish. RDF is inherently flawed in design and a piece of junk. peter
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    ... and Java is SLOOOOOOW !!!!
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    Did you look at the macro? It uses Java to do an HTTP GET. That's all. This is a call to a REST service out on the web. It runs at the speed of AJAX.
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    So, hows that Captcha working out for you? Can we have a "report spam" button please? and, even better, someone on the other end to do something about it?