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    My project requires use of O/R mapping tool. I have heard a lot about TopLink and CocoBase. How good or bad they? I have got conflicting opinions about them from people. Some support TopLink while other CocoBase. I am really confused which one is better. You guys have any idea about which one is good depending your experiences with these tools, if any? Or is there any web site where both these tools have been evaluated by third party or something of that sort? I’ll be using IBM WebSphere 3.5, so I need the tool to be compatible with it.

    Hope you guys can guide me……………


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    Hello and my experience is with a App server called Persitence Power Tier and it is a great server as it has an inbuilt O-R mapper as well as a great cache. So if you have not finalised your app server then I guess you must have a look at the same. Further it automates the generation of entity beans and that it is a great bonus !!!

    As far as CoCoBase or Toplink is concerned we are trying out Toplink as well as CoCobase wih BEA weblogic enterprise 6.0 so I will not be able to give you the comploete picture as yet will keep you in touch with happening on the same!~