Apache HttpCore 4.0 (GA) released


News: Apache HttpCore 4.0 (GA) released

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    Apache HttpComponents project announces the first stable (GA) release of HttpCore 4.0. HttpCore is a set of low level HTTP transport components that can be used to build custom client and server side HTTP services with a minimal footprint. HttpCore supports two I/O models: blocking I/O model based on the classic Java I/O and non-blocking, event driven I/O model based on Java NIO. The blocking I/O model may be more appropriate for data intensive, low latency scenarios, whereas the non-blocking model may be more appropriate for high latency scenarios where raw data throughput is less important than the ability to handle thousands of simultaneous HTTP connections in a resource efficient manner. Several popular open-source projects already employ HttpCore as the HTTP protocol engine for their HTTP transport implementations. Some notable examples are Apache Synapse Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Limewire peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) client. Base module of HttpCore has also been included into the Google Android platform. HttpCore also serves as a foundation for Apache HttpClient 4.0. HttpCore API tutorial can be found here Code samples can be found here

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  2. Performance Measurements[ Go to top ]

    Have any performance comparisons been made with other frameworks or servers? If not have any benchmarks been performed for the server framework?
  3. Apache Synapse folks ran extensive performance tests and appeared quite pleased with the results. Oleg
  4. Apache Synapse folks ran extensive performance tests and appeared quite pleased with the results/blockquote> Yes, as an ESB we need to support thousands of concurrent connections, with a much smaller and limited thread pool of workers - since we have to wait for external services to reply. The NIO framework of HttpComponents has been easy to learn and use, and performs exceptionally well for our scenarios. In addition, since HttpCore/NIO does not have to fully buffer complete requests into memory, we can be assured that we will never run out of memory as with some NIO frameworks. Asankha - Apache Synapse ESB Team
  5. Re: Performance Measurements[ Go to top ]

    Hi, Just out of interest, what NIO frameworks would cause such a memory issue? I am interested in this area as I extensively use async NIO HTTP libraries. Thanks
  6. Which framework to use?[ Go to top ]

    I would like to leverage a super fast http framework. Probably the simplest way to think about this is an auction. I'd like to send the same request (http-GET) out to a couple of dozen bidders. I'd like to collect their on-time responses (late responses would automatically lose). I'd be doing this hundreds of times a second w/ a 50msecs response time limit. Obviously I'd need persistent connections. Should I write my application to NIO Http Core framework? Synapse? Something else? Thanks. D
  7. Response would be XML[ Go to top ]

    The response would be XML format. We use Jibx for serialization/deserializtion. Not sure if that makes a difference. Currently we're using Glassfish 2 (considering v3) + Grizzly connector. Seeing interesting things going on with SimpleFramework and Synapse.
  8. HttpClient release[ Go to top ]

    Cool! Does this mean a final release of HttpClient is not far behind?
  9. Re: HttpClient release[ Go to top ]

    The only major thing that blocks the first GA release of HttpClient 4.0 is documentation. The sooner documentation is completed, the sooner HttpClient 4.0 can be released. Oleg
  10. Good news[ Go to top ]

    We are really looking forward to get online with HTTP Client 4 final release
  11. Apache Mina Asyncweb[ Go to top ]

    Hi, How does HttpCore compare to the apache mina asyncweb project ?
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    How does HttpCore compare to the apache mina asyncweb project ?
    Asyncweb is a competing project within ASF, so I do not think it would be appropriate for me to comment on it, as I have plenty of critical things to say. It would be probably more appropriate if you evaluated both products and formed your own independent opinion about them. Oleg
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    Other similar frameworks are Simple [1] and Grizzly [2]. Simple is by far faster than AsyncWeb and from a glance at the tutorials is just as easy, if not easier to use. [1] http://www.simpleframework.org [2] http://grizzly.dev.java.net Performance of Simple against AsyncWeb. http://www.simpleframework.org/performance/comparison.php
  14. +1 for httpcore[ Go to top ]

    great job. I'm up an working with httpcore nio 4 with only javadoc and examples as a guide. -Adrian Cole
  15. Just download the httpcore and try to write some sample program. What I found out is there is no way to have client add cookies. Did I miss something? Or I have to use HTTPClient to implement it Thanks