Launching a new Free cloud "Message Queue" service OnlineMQ


News: Launching a new Free cloud "Message Queue" service OnlineMQ

  1. Omqi Ltd is launching a new cloud "Message Queue" service called OnlineMQ ( We invite you to try our Free fully featured MQ service given over the Internet. OnlineMQ is 100% web services oriented which means your integration can be done quickly (Soap - wsdl, Rest & Pox). Use our Java, Ruby and PHP sample code to make it even easier for you to start working with OnlineMQ. If you are looking for: • Business to Business (B2B) integration • Fallback Message queue for traditional MQ system • Front End MQ, your face to the world. • Cross platform integration for your enterprise • Secure integration over the web (SSL) • Real-time Business Intelligence • Complex Event Processing OnlineMQ provides these benefits and much more… OnlineMQ using Joyent cloud computing (unix cloud) and storage to assure customer satisfaction, performance and reliability. Please reply to this thread or PM me with any questions or comments?
  2. try our Free
    I'm interested in free part. Is it free for now, free for good, in what way users will have to compensate you for your services?
  3. The Free Service is free for Good. We have 3 type of packages, see more details in the following link
  4. You do not seem to have a difference between the business and premium offers other than 10x increase. You might want to correct this.
  5. The Premium package is a 1 year package. You get 2 months reduction in price if you choose Permium package.
  6. Does your service provide any "Queue Listener" type service, where you push messages to your clients?
  7. OnlineMQ provide simple queuing messaging services such as IBM Websphere MQ and Microsoft MQ, where the client consumes message from the queue. In term of listeners: There are 2 options 1 - Listener that check periodically and pull if message is found 2 - Push message to a destination once it is stored in a queue 1) Sample code of how to write message listeners are provided and you can also check a utility called "OnlineMQ File Transfer" (Windows OS) that has a java-demon that listens to a queue and saves the message into files. 2) Pushing messages is on our to-do list.
  8. MQ ?[ Go to top ]

    MQ is heavily associated with IBM in the Messaging world. Hope you don't have any trademark/copyright issues !
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    MQ is not a trademark of IBM, a lot of companies use MQ like SonicMQ...and many more. IBM do own the next trademarks MQIntegrator® MQSeries® See full list of IBM trademarks at:
  10. How does this compare to Amazons SQS?[ Go to top ]

    Our product uses Amazon Web Services pretty heavily. How does your product compare with SQS? Any advantages? Cost isn't really a factor to us as much as feature set, reliability, service agreements, etc. AWS SQS is nearly free for us since it is pretty cheap as is.
  11. Thank you for your question. See here list of OnlineMQ advantages - we have a Gui - we use SSL or normal http - we are persistent - we have IP address allowed connections - we have forwarding/ broadcast - we have feature to stop queue reading, writing or both - we only release messages once, so we are multi-thread safe - we support multiple users and authorisations - we are about to finalize a full transaction support Our product lives or dies based on whether or not we get the messages you want, to you, so we do our best to make sure that always happens. We use Joyent cloud as our platform that is also used for LinkedIn and many more heavy application.