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    Ready-made templates are available for Magnolia 4.0 to create custom Web designs that dynamically adapt content delivery to various devices, including the iPhone. The standard templates are search engine optimized (SEO) and follow W3C accessibility guidelines. Multiple Web site designs for front- and back-ends can be managed from within Magnolia's browser-based administration interface. Magnolia 4.0 introduces support for a new templating language called Freemarker in addition to templating in JSP (Java Server Pages). Templating with Freemarker allows to view and edit templates directly in the browser window, have templates under version- and access-control and to backup templates together with the content of a website. The Standard Templating Kit is part of Magnolia's new Supersonic Template bundle that includes a new form module with newly-added spam protection and server-side field validation. "With Magnolia 4.0 we have reached our goal of further simplifying the development process of Web site layouts as well as keeping control of design maintenance in a professional way", says Magnolia CTO Boris Kraft. "This is not only true for a site's front-end displayed to regular visitors, but also true for the back-end, where Magnolia 4.0 allows to modify or add input interfaces for content authors with a few clicks in its administration interface." ------------------ New functionality in Magnolia 4.0 at a glance ------------------ * New Standard Templating Kit * New web forms module * New templates management module * New Multi-Site module (Enterprise Edition) * Enhanced email module * Access control, workflows, automated backups for design elements * Follows Web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG2 and Germany's BITV) * Incorporates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practice * XHTML-conformant page templates with table-less CSS layout * Smart view-port detection to provide optimal browsing experience on any device, including mobile devices such as the iPhone * Supports FreeMarker Templating language in addition to Java Server Pages (JSP) ------------------ Price and Availability ------------------ Magnolia CMS 4.0 is available immediately. Magnolia Community Edition can be downloaded for free under an Open Source license. The Standard Templating Kit (STK) is available for download upon registration. Magnolia Enterprise Edition includes the STK, more enterprise functionality as well as support and guarantees - pricing starts at 12,000 USD. For more information on Magnolia 4.0 as well as downloads and purchase options, please visit
  2. Freemarker? new? um, freemarker was originally created in 2002: