Tasktop 1.4 and Eclipse Mylyn 3.1 released


News: Tasktop 1.4 and Eclipse Mylyn 3.1 released

  1. Tasktop 1.4 and Eclipse Mylyn 3.1 released (1 messages)

    Mylyn 3.1 includes 432 bug fixes and enhancements, and 134 community contributions. This represents our highest rate of patches applied to date. One highlight is that the Mylyn Bugzilla Connector can finally edit all bug attributes, such as custom flags, so there's no more need for users of customized Bugzilla installs to fall back to the browser. This release also includes WikiText, a new addition to the Mylyn framework. As of Mylyn 3.1, wiki markup becomes a first class citizen of Eclipse. If you’re editing a JIRA issue with Confluence markup, you can do so directly from Mylyn's task editor. If you’re authoring online help in a ".textile" file, you will immediately see the effects of your formatting without needing to preview changes in a web browser. In other words, the power of Eclipse's code editing facilities are now available for your wiki editing. All of these features, and many more, are also available in Tasktop Pro 1.4, the enterprise ready and fully supported product based on Mylyn. The biggest new feature in Tasktop 1.4 is time synchronization with compatible repositories such as Bugzilla and JIRA. Other highlights include support for Microsoft Exchange and the ability to create tasks from email threads. Also of note is the streamlining that we have done for focused web browsing. For those who browse with Tasktop, bookmarks become a legacy technology. With this release, we have simplified the way that browsing activity populates your task context. Just activate a task, start browsing, and you will see a more concise context that represents your interaction with both web pages and web applications. This makes Tasktop's one-click browsing session restore even more useful. See the full story and screenshots on the Tasktop Blog
  2. FYI: Darryl Taft has a nice story about this on eWeek: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Application-Development/Tasktop-Upgrades-Mylyn-Tasktop-Offerings-480768/