Atlassian has announced a public beta of the Atlassian Eclipse Connector 1.0, providing integration with Eclipse for source code review using Crucible and continuous integration with Bamboo. The Atlassian Eclipse Connector also includes an updated version of the popular JIRA connector for Eclipse Mylyn. The new Crucible and Bamboo integration takes a novel approach by leveraging Mylyn's task-focused interface. In the announcement, Atlassian's Ken Olofsen wrote, "Anyone using the Mylyn plugin for JIRA understands the value of having a task-focused interface for managing your work. What's really exciting about the new Eclipse Connector is that we have teamed up with our friends at Tasktop in order to provide similar functionality for code reviews in Crucible as well as your Bamboo continuous integration environment. " Tasktop's CEO, Mik Kersten, said "Commenting on reviews is as easy as commenting on issues, and can be done right from the Java editor. Changes under review can be inspected in a diff view. And as expected from a Mylyn integration, the task-focused interface works for reviews, meaning that you only see the code relevant to the review in the Package Explorer and Java editor." The connector is a free and open-source project supported by Atlassian and Tasktop. Check out the Atlassian announcement for an overview of key features and installation instructions. Read the Tasktop blog post to learn more about what this means to Mylyn and Tasktop users.