Why Grails really matter for Java developers


Blogs: Why Grails really matter for Java developers

  1. Grails is a Ruby on Rails look a like framework that runs on Java's Virtual Machine(JVM) and relies on Groovy -- a JVM compatible language. This post explains why Grails should matter to Java developers. Read the entire post 'Why Grails really matters for a Java developer (and actually rescues JEE from boredom)': http://www.itexto.net/devkico/?p=344
  2. Nice teaser for Grails and Groovy. If Grails still wishes to matter and "rescue" from JEE boredom, then like many other JSRs currently inactive it'll have to be more vocal and active in the JCP. Which still defines JEE and other standards. Otherwise, Grails soon may not matter at all for Java developers ;-|
  3. I guess the main point of the blog is - will J2EE and the JCP have any relevance if people are moving away from J2EE. Grails will probably not care about J2EE and the JCP process. It really is J2EE which should be bending over backwards to find out why people are moving elsewhere.