UML-based SoaML attacks SOA services modeling issues


News: UML-based SoaML attacks SOA services modeling issues

  1. SOA has made progress through the years without an associated language - and some people would say a SOA language in itself would not be a good idea, thank you very much. But what about a UML profile that might help architects and developers better describe the services at the heart of SOA? That is in part the goal of SoaML, the Service oriented architecture Modeling Language. This spec, fashioned as a profile of UML, has spent a couple of years going through the standards processes of the Object Management Group (OMG) and appears to be nearing finalization. Sponsors include Capgemini, EDS, IBM, ModelDriven Solutions, and others. The SoaML cause last month advanced further when the NoMagic modeling concern bundled open-source ModelPro with SOAML in its Cameo SOA+ suite. This combo supports a graphical approach to services modeling. Read the full article
  2. Why such a complicated profile ?[ Go to top ]

    A question... To my point of view, UML helps to "abstract" the design of an application, to help people to think about the application without worring about technology (ok, being 100% technology agnostic is hard / difficult / not totally necessary / ...). So why do we have so many technical profiles that stick with the technologies. Or I would say why do we have so technical designs / samples when we want to explain how to use UML plus its extension mechanism i.e the UML profiles ?