Audio of sessions from 2009 Philadelphia Emerging Tech Online


News: Audio of sessions from 2009 Philadelphia Emerging Tech Online

  1. As the co-chair of the conference and the host of the Chariot TechCast, I wanted to roll out some of our speakers' presentations again this year to give back to the community. So far, we've published three episodes: - Episode 26, an interview with Keynote presenter Andy Hunt on Pragmatic Thinking and Learning, his seventh book and a look into how people actually process information. - Episode 27, Blue State Digital CTO Jascha Franklin Hodge on the 2008 political campaign, and how his company led the Obama social media effort. - Episode 28, Jason Van Zyl discussing OSGi and Maven, including an overview of Tycho. Upcoming episodes include: - The Manning authors forum - hear some of Manning's authors discuss their approach to writing books for publication. - Spring Web Update with Rossen Stoyanchev of SpringSource The podcast is located at where you can subscribe to the stream or listen to individual episodes. In an effort to save bandwidth and get the information out quickly, we've chosen to link to the presentation PDF files in the show notes page where appropriate. Enjoy. Ken Rimple Co-Chair, 2009 Philadelphia Emerging Technologies Conference Chariot Solutions

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    Thanks for posting the videos for the Emerging Tech conference. I'm finding that when video like this are available I find a bunch of golden nuggets. For example, Jason Huggins saying "Record/playback is the root of all evil in testing" at PyCon a week ago. (That one is available here.) Is anyone keeping a directory of software development and test-related videos? -Frank
  3. Nice production on the PyCon stuff![ Go to top ]

    That's a very well-produced video you posted. It's great to see the quality of production you can get taping a conference session like this. Also it confirms the multi-camera plus production work you'd have to do to get it right. I found a good link (for you AV techies) on doing video / audio for sessions here: It's inspiring, and gives me ideas for ETE 2010..