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    Cargo 1.0 Released. The Cargo community is pleased to announce the release of Cargo 1.0. Cargo is a thin wrapper that allows you to manipulate Java EE containers in a standard way. Homepage: Download: This is a major release of Cargo, including the following major improvements: New Features * Multiple DataSource and Resource support via Maven/Ant/Java properties (CARGO-608) o Including support for Tomcat, WebLogic, OC4J, Resin * Transactional DataSource configuration support (CARGO-644) o Including support for WebLogic and OC4J * JBoss Clustering Support for Deploying to farm directory (CARGO-535) * Support for Servlet 2.4 web.xml files (CARGO-534) * Add configuration option to allow JVM to be specified (CARGO-480) New Containers * Tomcat 6.x (CARGO-563) * Jetty 6.x (CARGO-32) * JBoss 4.2x (CARGO-562) * WebLogic 8.1-10.3x (CARGO-636) * JOnAs 4-5.x (CARGO-94) Experimental Containers * JRun 4.x * JBoss 5.x * Jetty 7.x There were of course many other improvements and bug fixes. Have a look at our Jira for more information. Enjoy Cargo 1.0. -Adrian Cole

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  2. We're big fans of cargo and use it for years. Are there any new features for Tomcat users we should be aware of?
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    It's shame there is no glassfish support.
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    Just add it, we've done this for Jonas and it rocks ! By the way, Jonas plugin also support deployment on a cluster.
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    There is a contrib module at the moment for glassfish: If you are interested, vote on the jira and we can look at incorporating it into the mainline. Cheers, -Adrian
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    Glad you like it! The most significant changes for tomcat are multiple datasource and resource support, support for changing AJP ports, and the fact that you can deviate the JDK with the ${} property. I hope this helps. -Adrian
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    imho, cargo is a very interesting project with a crappy documentation. anyway, thanks to the cargo guys
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    Congratulations! This is an immensely useful project and it Just Works! So thanks :-)
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    Don't click on 'Architecture'.