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    Dear serverside members, What is your opinion on the current usage, relevance and applicability of UML models in the current phase of Agile Development? In general, do you think that UML is still widely used in organisations for business analysis and Design/Development? If so, what is the best lightweight tool to use these days? Thanks Sam

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    UML is really a wonderful stuff to have. Just imagine capturing so many information when you are designing the application , and all that is actually possible if you use UML. UML 2 has a lot of features and used wisely it would really help in capturing all information and then you can send that to the code generator which would give you ready made code. Now that is a smart thing to have. Use UML wisely and you save a lot of effort. In case of Agile Development Methodology, spending too much on UML may slow down the entire process, but again if you spend time on the design and get it clarified at an early stage, you save time later on the development. So make the choice.
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    Thanks Rajarshi.. but what is your idea on how many companies really use it? Even if they use it, is it mandated? You did not mention any tool (lightweight) that we can use. Thanks Sam