HtmlUnit 2.5, a headless java browser, released


News: HtmlUnit 2.5, a headless java browser, released

  1. A new release of the Open Source java GUI-Less browser is available, which allows high-level manipulation of web pages, such as filling forms, clicking links, accessing attributes and values of specific elements within the pages, you do not have to create lower-level requests of TCP/IP or HTTP, but just getPage(url), find a hyperlink, click() and you have all the HTML, JavaScript, and Ajax are automatically processed. The most common use of HtmlUnit is test automation of web pages (even with complex JavaScript libraries, like jQuery and Google Web Toolkit), but sometimes it can be used for web scraping, or downloading website content. The main enhancements of this release:
    1. Improved JavaScript support, particularly full support for MooTools, adding to already supported Google Web Toolkit, jQuery, Mochikit and Sarissa
    2. Repackaged Rhino classes to allow the use of HtmlUnit and a regular Rhino version in the same project
    3. Support all HTML elements
    4. Experimental WebClient.waitForBackgroundJavaScript() and WebClient.waitForBackgroundJavaScriptStartingBefore() for simple, fast and deterministic AJAX testing
    5. Reworked handling of background JavaScript tasks using Java 5 executors
    6. And as usual, various bug fixes
    You can find more information in the official website, the development team is looking forward to getting your feedback.
  2. Is there a savePage() and/or saveCompletePage() (with images and so on) available ? It would be VERY useful for downloading content. Thanks. Dominique
  3. Is there a savePage() and/or saveCompletePage() (with images and so on) available ?
    Not yet, but it has been required in one of the Feature Requests.
  4. guess you'll have to download your porno the old fashioned way
  5. 2.5 getting better for Ajax[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations to the HTMLUnit team on the 2.5 release. We've been participating in the development/testing of 2.5. We tested it with our SeleniumHTMLUnit library in TestMaker (lets you run Selenium tests using HTMLUnit as the browser) and found 2.5 handles much more Ajax strangeness than 2.4. -Frank Cohen
  6. Congratulations![ Go to top ]

    I've been using your library for UI testing since 2.3 and find it very pragmatic and useful. Thank you!