hibernate.org has been unavailable for about a week


News: hibernate.org has been unavailable for about a week

  1. [Editor - I confirmed this morning that hibernate.org is still "down for maintainance." Anyone with interest is welcome to post on TSS, and specifically in response to this thread.] It's down and so is forums.hibernate.org. Post your updates here because we haven't heard any on ETA on seamframework.org!

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  2. was this announced/ scheduled maintenance?
  3. I heard their server was hacked. No official confirmation though.
  4. asking for it[ Go to top ]

    That's insane. If when I was using Hibernate, the forums were down, I'd be screaming bloody murder. Meanwhile, I'd like to introduce Hibernate at my current gig, but ain't NO WAY I'm going to do that if the forums and site have been down for weeks!
  5. A weak workaround[ Go to top ]

    I've been using google cached pages to look up information over the last week. Hope they get up soon.
  6. For anyone who is trying to read the documentation, it is bundled with the GA release files. You can just download those and view it. Forums are obviously NOT there :) I was also completely used to just surfing their docs online, I wonder what happened....
  7. Still Down[ Go to top ]

    Hibernate.org has been down since at least April 17. I emailed the whois Registrant Email on April 23 and got the following response: My apologies, Dave. I thought IS-OPS had this under control - I will re-forward the issue to them. Thanks for your attention to the problem.
  8. it's ok[ Go to top ]

    ...no one uses Hibernate anyway
  9. loosing confidence....[ Go to top ]

    yeah it's pretty shocking .. was introducing it in a new project and looking online for help with some issues and keep hitting this page... whatever the issue is they should update the current "maintenance" page ... really really considering EclipseLink at this point... Also .. how come there is not more people complaining about this ??
  10. Well...[ Go to top ]

    I don't know what has happened but I know that poo happens. Embarrassing poo happens. But I don't see the correlation between the technical merits of the product and the bad decisions by the company management/PR in handling the situation, whatever it is.
  11. it's ok[ Go to top ]

    ...no one uses Hibernate anyway
  12. it's ok[ Go to top ]

    ...no one uses Hibernate anyway
  13. Buy the book[ Go to top ]

    The authors of the framework wrote a book Java Persistence with Hibernate. I bought it and developed a rich domain model project using hibernate. I hardly needed any other material apart from the book. You are doing yourself a disservice if you are relying on forum snippets for your project.
  14. Now if they had a backup image running on Amazon EC2 the forum could have been up and running after a few minutes at a cost of $0.10 an hour...
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  16. Hibernate is forgotten[ Go to top ]

    Its a long time I have this feeling nobody at Redhat/JBoss cares about hibernate any more. Developers have moved on to more revenue generating projects (like Seam), forum posts are unanswered, bugs are still unassigned, hardly every couple of months we have a minor update release, ...

    It seems the glory days of hibernate are over.
  17. We do care[ Go to top ]

    We do care - and we are working hard on bringing the site back online again. We have put all the download and docs on the site and we will let you know as soon as we got more information.
  18. OpenJPA[ Go to top ]

    Am using Apache OpenJPA myself already (V2 iteration 5 based on one of the latest drafts of the JPA 2.0 spec)
  19. It's back![ Go to top ]

    Well, mostly. The forums still aren't back. But at least the site and docs are back. Thanks!
  20. Still problems with hibernate.org[ Go to top ]

    The hibernate.org site is still not quite there. Regarding the cause, a couple weeks ago, when the site was still semi-functional, I noticed blank or semi-blocked pages appearing. I opened the page source, and noticed that there was a link to a pdf included in a meta tag. Then I downloaded the pdf in a secure bubble, and took a look at the file with an inspector. The pdf seemed to contain an autolaunching action pointing to some very sketch site over in eastern Europe (?). This hack affected every page I took a look at. I just wonder what has taken the Hibernate/JBoss folks so long to get the site back up. Didn't they have a site backup? Just scrub their disks and reimage? Or some equally quick and brainless fix? WTF? Oh well. Although many of my clients are still interested in Hibernate, his definitely provides some concrete motivation to sell an alternative solution from some very unrelated vendor.
  21. Hibernate Alternative[ Go to top ]

    Eclipselink might be a good alternative to hibernate: http://www.eclipse.org/eclipselink/ I heard about great performance and stability but i had no time to test it.
  22. Yo! Whiners![ Go to top ]

    When I read something like this:
    Meanwhile, I'd like to introduce Hibernate at my current gig, but ain't NO WAY I'm going to do that if the forums and site have been down for weeks!
    I'm really asking myself if I somehow missed the "go to forum, copy, paste"-bus. If you have to rely on a forum to make a decision whether or not you should use a specific framework, you obviously don't know enough about it. +1 to Sam. A. Get a book or something, try to know what you are doing and you'll save yourself a lot of time digging around for answers. Regarding "only a minor update blahblah": What are you missing from Hibernate? I mean, REALLY MISSING, not just "I need Blarfnix 7.5 because someone told me about it". Reminds me of all the discussion around O/R mappers not really solving the object-relational impedance mismatch. So what? Customers usually don't care if you just created the purest possible implementation ever, they just want working software. Sorry for the rant. Drehorgelmann