Skyway Builder CE 6.2, code generator for Spring, released


News: Skyway Builder CE 6.2, code generator for Spring, released

  1. Skyway Software announces the general availability (GA) of Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE) 6.2, an open source, code generator for the Spring Framework. Version 6.2 of Skyway Builder CE is available for immediate download. This major release of Skyway Builder CE includes: - Improved Spring MVC scaffolding capabilities that allow users to generate a Spring-based, Java CRUD application in minutes - Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) support - Spring Web Flow support and visual flow editor - Enhanced Groovy integration based on Spring-Groovy best practices - Integrated support for inline Java code, including content assist - Enhanced Spring MVC support and code generation - New JPQL Native Query support - Enhanced Model to Code view linking - Enhanced Spring configuration options - Enhanced code generation to support Spring best practices - Improved documentation and tutorials - Over 500 bug fixes and enhancements For more information, visit
  2. our vision is to eliminate the complexities of the software delivery lifecycle. With our free and open source offering, Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE), our mission is to enable our community members, customers and partners to reduce the cost and complexity of developing software, so that they can deliver Spring-based Java web applications on time and on budget.
    Yep, eliminate the complexity introduced by Spring. Not with 'Skyway Builder' but by not using the complexity generator Spring any more.