FIX Transport (pre-alpha) available for Mule 2.x


News: FIX Transport (pre-alpha) available for Mule 2.x

  1. A Mule transport for FIX is now available on the MuleForge site. This transport will allow you to read and write messages over FIX endpoints and have Mule route, transform and filter the messages accordingly. The current snapshot release can be obtained here as an archive. To install the archive simply extract over your current Mule 2.2.1 distribution. The pack also comes with two examples in which Mule acts as an intermediate between a FIX Client and a FIX Server. For more information on how to use this transport and about the examples check the project home page Feel free to send any comments or requests. This is currently in a pre-alpha stage and we will improve this transport based upon the feedback from the community. You can help influence it! Feel free to add requests as JIRAs . Message was edited by:
  2. Being a strong supporter of Mule I's like to say great work and well done. Working for a company that sells FIX engines with around 100 clients I have to point out that having a FIX engine is just the start. If you want to actually connect to an exchange you first need to configure the FIX engine for the dialect used by the exchange and then secondly supply a certified FIX engine to be able to connect. This can by in FIX 4.0 to 4.4 or as many are now using FIX 5.0 which allows multiple transports including AMQP for example. Add to this the three flavours of FIX which include FAST and FIXML. A not insignificant part of our business is from companies (hedgefunds etc.) moving from QuickFIX to one of our certified DirectConnect FIX engines to run on CME, Currenex, DSM, Eurex, HotSpot, FXall, FXCM, ICAP, ICE, SAXO and many more. Of the clients using Java (we also support C, and .NET) several have been interested in Mule so we fully support Mule integration (as well as a few others). We have a FIX dictionary for anyone working with FIX. Anyone interested in seriously using FIX with Mule please give as a call. -John- John dot Davies at OnixS dot biz CTO, Onix Solutions