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News: SpringSource Acquires Hyperic

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    Additional information on the acquisition is available online and can be found at http://www.hyperic.com/springsource. Rod Johnson and Javier Soltero have also posted their thoughts about the announcement on the SpringSource and Hyperics blog sites, located at http://blog.springsource.com/ and http://www.hyperic.com/blog/springsource, respectively.

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  2. The twittersphere has been abuzz this week with news from SpringOne Europe.
    Need moar SS tweetz .
  3. Congratulations to the Hyperic team - great people and a great product! Armin SOPERA GmbH
  4. Cool squared[ Go to top ]

    One cool company buys another cool company, well done everyone involved. -John-
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    Yeah, this makes Spring a complete enterprise package with the addition of Hyperic's solid monitoring product. Looking forward to seeing how they integrate it all.