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    Hi all, I have J2EE projects where I have used servlets to response to user request from a web client. Each of the servlet have EJB embedded in them. Now I want to bring this two operations together on a single platform whereby the user will be able to invoke any of these two operations by clicking on a menu option. The challenge is I don't know specifically what to do. Can somebody enlighten me please. I have thought of packaging each of the projects as Jar files and invoking from the browser, I have not tried it, and not sure it is the right way to go. thanks Daramola
  2. You have 2 WARs and the associated EJBs? And currently they're deployed individually on the server? The simplest way is likely just merging the WARs together in to a composite application.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I am sure it could help. Please Can I be enlightened about how to build composite applications? Thanks. daramola