MicroFocus buys Borland and part of Compuware


News: MicroFocus buys Borland and part of Compuware

  1. MicroFocus buys Borland and part of Compuware (6 messages)

    Packing a one-two punch, Cobol and mainframe modernization specialist MicroFocus today said it will acquire Borland for about $75 million in cash at the same time it buys Compuware’s testing and quality assurance software business for about $58 million in cash. In a statement, MicroFocus estimated that Borland achieved revenues of $172 million last year, while the Compuware Testing and ASQ Business achieved revenues of $74 million, in the twelve month period ending March 31. The move clearly extends MicroFocus’ position in the software quality and application life cycle management market. Development stalwart Borland struggled in recent years as it launched multiple acquisitions and sought to transform from a desktop developer favorite into a broad-range application life-cycle software provider. The assets MicroFocus buys from Compuware include the former NuMega testing software line. Read more about the acquisition.
  2. i forgot what product borland still sells ? it was the best company out there but lost it all in marketing side. They really had good products - they were just bad in marketing.
  3. Borland sells StarTeam as well ...
  4. As a former employee of Borland (I started there in June 1985) and employee of Embarcadero Technologies (http://www.embarcadero.com), I read the news too. We are definitely continuing the innovation in software and database tooling here at Embarcadero (purchased the developer tools business from Borland on July 1, 2008). To see the current line-up of database and developer tools, including JBuilder, C++Builder, Delphi, RAD Studio, and All-Access - the cost-effective, multi-platform, on-demand tool chest for designing, building, and running your software applications and database systems - go to http://www.embarcadero.com/products/index.php
  5. David I! Great to hear from you! You folks still do great stuff.
  6. Long live C++Builder[ Go to top ]

    David, thanks for replying on this thread. Your products are still highly valued--even though some of their rich history is now lost to the dustbin of corporate acquisition.
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    ... even though some of their rich history is now lost to the dustbin of corporate acquisition.
    *sigh* more dustbins. At least DavidI and co are keeping our legacy alive... - another former Borlander