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    Black Pepper Software Limited are pleased to announce the release of their Open Source ShadowTail project which is a Java/Spring framework for gathering numerical data (statistics) about a Java application, and writing the data to files for subsequent processing by Orca, the free tool for plotting textual data onto a directory on a Web server. Why would you want to use Shadowtail? Shadowtail helps you to monitor your software application or service by logging application and application container data over time. The data format is suitable for plotting or for analysis. Suppose you have a web application selling widgets. Your sales manager would like to monitor and record application data on turnover and number of widgets sold, analyzed by day, week and month. Your operations manager would like to monitor JVM data on heap usage and number of classes loaded. A combination of Shadowtail, Java MBeans in your web app, and Orca will give you the data in raw format and in graphs. Shadowtail provides Java classes and example Spring configurations to gather and record: * timestamp data * MBeans data from a remote server via JMX Shadowtail was written by John Cooke of Black Pepper Software and prepared for open sourcing by Julia Dain and David Johnson, also of Black Pepper Software. It is licensed under the GPLv2. It is being hosted at SourceForge as the ShadowTail project. The source and documentation is available by SVN and the site documentations is being worked on. We hope that you will make good use of it and provide us with feedback.

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    Congratulations on the release of ShadowTail. Could you please put ShadowTail in some context with other statistical gathering tools? For example, how does ShadowTail compare to Nagios or Helios or the others? -Frank
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    Shadowtail is a small Java application with less functionality than Nagios or Helios. It was developed as a lightweight tool to log data from a Java webapp, in a format suitable for processing by Orca.