NeoDatis Object Database 1.9 released


News: NeoDatis Object Database 1.9 released

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    Many new features like Object Values API, Polymorphic queries, Groovy, Scala, Google Android, Generics and Enum support. The new Object Values API breaks the object database paradigm providing direct access to the values of the attributes of the objects and aggregate functions like Sum,Average, Min, Max, Count and Group by ( The new version is much faster. A new client/server execution mode has been created for optimizing web applications. The forum now supports English, French and Portuguese. more information and performance benchmarks at
  2. Congratulations on the release Olivier. DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.1.3 will support this new NeoDatis version.
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    Somebody here is re-inventing SQL.
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    As far as SQL is not able to deal with object models, then there is a need for object query languages to reintroduce such features (attributes values instead of objects, aggregates, etc.). JDOQL and JPQL already went in the same direction.
  5. could you please provide more informations about the new client/server execution mode? Thanks and congratulations for this new release.
  6. Hi Andrea, The new client/server in called 'SameVm client server' mode and is optimized to web application as they use to run the server and clients in the same virtual machine. The 'SameVm' client server mode is much faster that the normal client server mode as there is no need to marshall and unmarshall objects. The only difference is that when creating a client, instead of calling ODBFactory.openClient(...) you just call server.openClient(...). The rest (server creation and client API) remains the same. Join the forum at if you want more detailed information.