BlazeDS and the art of lazy loading


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    The recent announcement of a BlazeDS-Spring integration project, has given BlazeDS -- a Flex and AIR technology designed for the data tier -- added notoriety. This post by Jethro Grassie explores the more advanced topic of lazy loading as it relates to BlazeDS and enterprise Java applications. Read Jethro Grassie's post 'BlazeDS and the art of lazy loading'
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    Good article. Thanks. We've had good success at using AMF protocols for our Java testing framework to communicate with the BlazeDS backend. The same approach works for Flex and other Adobe backend systems. The OpenAMF implementation at is production worthy. We got up to 30,000 connections in a 10 minute period going. We packaged this up as a TestMaker protocol handler. A tutorial is available at -Frank Cohen