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  1. Hi Everybody, I am developing a simple project in JSP with MS Access. I hav some tables and reports for them. I hav a JSP page which gets inputs from user and save it in the table. Its working fine. But my problems are, 1) I hav a button called "SAVE & PRINT" in that bottom of the page, if i click that button, the currently entered data has to save in the table and the same data has to print from the MS Access report. I dont know how to print this report from JSP page. 2) Another button called "REPRINT". If i click that button, it has to ask a number to print the report page, that number is nothing but a field in that report. Could anyone help me to solve this problem.
  2. Print report with RAQ Report[ Go to top ]

    Hi, Lakshmi Narayanan. Why not use RAQ Report? It's a free Java reporting tool with wonderful printing function. You can get it at