Major update for IDEA PDF plugin


News: Major update for IDEA PDF plugin

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    We have updated our free PDF Viewer and bookmaking plugin (which allows you to view, search and also bookmark all your favourite PDF files (including ones from the Internet). This is a major update. It should be much faster, includes a large number of enhancements and fixes and now tells you when we release new updates. The update is on the IDEA repository and full details are at We have also altered the Open Source license used from GPL to LGPL at the request of several users. If you are looking instead for a standalone PDF Java viewer, we have a comprehensive solution with embedded font support under an LGPL license to download at and a full commercial package (which also offers printing, rasterizing and additional features) at There are regular updates of all versions, with announcements posted on our RSS feed at
  2. Excellent news! Is there matrix for the LGPL versus Commercial package?
  3. There is a partial list at All the Plugin releases (Eclipse, IDEA, NetBeans) all now have the same functionality and the source code is available for all 3 if you want to explore plugins.