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    eviware is happy to announce the first beta of soapUI 3.0 – The Reporting release, which focuses on powerful reporting functionality for soapUI Pro customers and a multitude of major and minor enhancements for all soapUI users, including JavaScript support, XML Schema generation from REST messages, JDBC-related wizards, support for WS-ReliableMessaging, etc, etc.. - Read more about the release: - Download from sourceforge: - Download soapUI Pro 3.0 beta1 from - Nightly builds with updates and fixes are at - Please ask questions/report bugs at As always our fantastic customers and community are responsible for the majority of these improvements, thank you all! /Ole

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    webstart and plugins will be released soon
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    webstart and plugins will be released soon
    plugins for soapUI 3.0-beta-1 released, actually. Pro will be soon.
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    Congratulations Eviware! soapUI 3.0 looks like a winner! Including Rhino for JavaScript support is great. The HMTLUnit project has been using Rhino for a while and we've been very happy with it. I'm looking forward to see how you implemented the Mac and Linux installers. Partly to see what we should be doing in our own open source project. The XULRrunner based browser component sounds intriguing. We've been working with the MozMill team on support of testing XUL-based applications. I'm looking forward to seeing what soapUI has done with XUL. -Frank Cohen