Alfresco OpenSSO integration version 0.7 released


News: Alfresco OpenSSO integration version 0.7 released

  1. Sourcesense released the new version of its libraries that integrates Alfresco and OpenSSO. The integration allows that users already signed to OpenSSO don't require another login to access the various Alfresco's front ends. Main features are: - Support for Alfresco Share; - Support for Alfresco Web client; - Support for Webscripts; - Guest access; - Logout from single sign-on domain - Groups synchronization between OpenSSO and Alfresco - Automatically creation of users and groups in Alfresco to reflect OpenSSO schema The project is released under Apache 2 license. To get started, please see our How to. Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome!
  2. Great news. So is it like the users, groups and roles will be created in openSSO which will also get updated in alfresco database? ~Lokesh
  3. They are synchronized in the moment of login, if a user does not exist in Alfresco it'll be created, the same for the groups