ZK releases embeddable Ajax calendar


News: ZK releases embeddable Ajax calendar

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    ZK have announced a new Ajax component called ZK Calendar for Java applications. It is a fully featured web-based calendar boasting a similar feature set to Google’s calendar application. However, ZK Calendar can be embedded into web-based Java applications allowing interaction with other ZK components and the ability to customize functionality and styling. The calendar’s data is also stored on the user’s database meaning that they have full control over said data. Notable functionality of the calendar includes drag & drop events, multiple time zone support and various viewing modes. ZK Calendar enables team collaboration by sharing schedules based upon permissions. There is a live demo available as well as details on implementation.

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  2. Looks nice, how can I use just this widget in my application? Will it require all of ZK libs and what is the license? A calendar component needs to be extensible for specific use cases, if this is GPL, then it won't be feasible for my project.
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    I ran the live demo. Very nice looking component... I read the wiki page with the details about the calendar. Nice explanation of the visual and non-visual parts of the component. Now, suppose I actually wanted to use it... There's no download link anywhere. There's no separate file download in the download section. There's no sample .zul showing the component being placed on a page or .java file showing how to compose/load data. The Version on the wiki page says it's compatible with 3.6.0+, but SimpleCalendarModel isn't in the 3.6.1 jars. How do we get it?
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    You can download it from here, and have fun!
  5. ...at this address: http://www.smartclient.com/smartgwt/showcase/#featured_databound_calendar_category License is LGPL (while ZK, I believe, is GPL). Regards, Raffaele