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News: Engine Yard adds JRuby support

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    http://bit.ly/MALvT At JavaOne, Engine Yard is announcing support for JRuby. This means that people will soon be able to select JRuby as a runtime option in the Engine Yard Cloud, and subsequently on the Engine Yard private cloud for cluster and slice customers. Engine Yard partnered with Charlie Nutter and Tom Enebo and the broader JRuby team to make this happen. Here are the main reasons why Java developers have migrated and are continuing to migrate to Ruby and Rails: 1. Rails: easier to learn, and faster to code than Java frameworks, and with Rails 3 coming—even simpler to extend. 2. Ruby: easier to write with lots of means of abstraction (blocks, modules and metaprogramming.) 3. Ruby: faster for iterative and agile methods with dynamic typing and no compile cycles 4. An active community with excellent tools, training and lots of innovation: Agile Development With Rails, TextMate, Peepcode, RubyForge, RSpec, DataMapper, Rack etc. http://bit.ly/MALvT

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