Lattix has announced a major release of its architecture management solution, Lattix 5.0. The Lattix 5.0 solution includes powerful new algorithms for architecture discovery and refactoring, new metrics specifically for architecture, and integrations to Klocwork for C/C++ codebases and to IBM Rational Rhapsody. Lattix solution supports technologies such as Java, Hibernate, Spring, Oracle, C/C++, .NET, SQL Server, Sybase, Ada, Delphi Pascal, LDI, and UML/SysML. New features include: New Partitioning Algorithms: Lattix now provides ten different partitioning algorithms to cover a broad range of use cases for the analysis and re-architecting of system elements. New sequencing and clustering algorithms facilitate grouping of elements even though they are coupled. System Reorganization Algorithms: These new algorithms can be used to restructure systems which lack sufficient structure or which can be improved by replacing the existing structure with a more modular one. Elements of selected subsystems can be redistributed automatically or through the use of labels applied by the user. Architecture Metrics: Lattix architectural metrics allow you to measure architectural complexity, stability, coupling and cyclicality. You can compare how your metrics measure up to other industry projects in terms of complexity, stability, coupling and cyclicality. You can also compare how much better your project is relative to a random organization of a system of similar complexity and coupling. Integration with Klocwork: You can use Lattix in conjunction with Klocwork. Simply point Lattix at Klocwork data and you can begin using Lattix for architectural analysis and management. Integration with IBM Rational Rhapsody: You can also extract UML/SysML models into Lattix directly from IBM Rational Rhapsody. Lattix is now validated for Ready for IBM Rational Software. Free evaluation downloads are available.