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    The Java industry uses JavaOne to announce new products and set the agenda for the next 12 months. I wrote a "Red Stripe" paper with my first-person analysis of the announcements, news, and trends. Please feel free to download the report at: Topics covered include: Open Source Test, Monitoring and Management, JavaFX, Business Process Managent, Mobile strategies, Cloud Computing, and SAAS enablement. Feel free to forward this to your colleagues and associates. And discuss it on -Frank

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    Great article Frank, One thing troubles me in there however, and that is the continued reliance with open source testing tools on Wait and sleep type commands when dealing with dynamic content such as AJAX. Maybe it is because I myself can't get to sleep tonight, but the idea seems flawed. If the software under test responds a millisecond slower than anticipated for whatever reason, the test fails, even though the application was behaving as it should. Regardless of the tool guessing what the wait should be, or relying on manually increasing waits (making the test slower each time) to reduce the likelihood of a false failure, there is always the risk. The result may lead team members to assume there is an intermittent fault, or to have excessive wait times, reducing the usefulness of the test for measuring performance and the potential to repurpose them for performance testing. Thanks for sharing your article. I am looking forward to many of the future developments you mention in it.