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News: logFaces v2.4 released

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    logFaces is a log server, aggregator and viewer in one suite. It's an integrated solution featuring wealth of open source wisdom put together to work for you out-of-the-box. The product is addressed to system integrators, testers, field support and developers. Please feel free to download and evaluate new release: http://www.logfaces.com New features in v2.4 include: • Dashboard of counters • Source code correlation • Improved MDC support • More drill down options and queries • Improved user experience • Improved performance with large data loads • Platform neutral distribution ... More details can be found here

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    Thanks another network trip added to the application Does your client library batch them to the server asynchronously else I will not interested in visiting your site Do you guys support XDAS specification?
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    Now that is what I call a friendly poster :)