Ari Zilka, CTO of Terracotta, Inc., talks about the new features in Terracotta 3.1, announced during JavaOne and available now. This interview covers: * Terracotta is the winner, Duke's Choice Award for 'Java Everywhere', selected because of its leadership in innovation * Spring, Hibernate internals integration to help settle the stateful vs. stateless debate and to appease the 'database haters' among performance caching users * Turn the tuning exercise on its head: tune the caching first, then the database * The cache becomes a level-2 feature, offloading the 75% of the database traffic to Terracotta with a significant throughput boost * The differences between Terracotta versions ES, EX, and FX * Distributed garbage collectors and how they work across multiple JVMs * How to participate in the Terracotta 3.1 beta to kick the tires on all the new features Time: 07'05" (Please click here if you can't see the video.) The Terracotta 3.1 beta is open to the public. Check it out to learn about the Hibernate integration features and how this L2 cache can deflect between 30% and 100% of all database queries. View past Tech Briefs