Epsilon 1.0.0 Alpha Release Is Now Available


News: Epsilon 1.0.0 Alpha Release Is Now Available

  1. Epsilon allows developers to set processing/performance benchmarks for an application, and monitors these in real-time as the application services requests. In cases where these benchmarks are breached, it can issue a notification (e.g. via email or by logging an alert) to one or more destinations. Amongst its many features are: * Spring support: Epsilon can be integrated and configured via Spring * Non-intrusive: It can be embedded into applications by employing a Spring AOP interceptor; thus removing the need for explicit references in application code. * Simple to embed: Epsilon can also be embedded directly into application code in a manner similar to that used for logging. * Statistical and fixed benchmarks: Application performance can be monitored in reference to the historically observed performance/latency of an application. Alternatively monitoring can be based on fixed latency caps. * Notifications callback: Email and log alert functionality is provided in the current release; however, users can also implement a simple callback interface to provide custom notification functionality. * Highly performant and lightweight: Epsilon will not skew the performance of the monitored application as it functions in an asynchronous and non-blocking manner. Neither will it add unnecessarily to the memory footprint of the monitored application. * Historical data: It can be configured to keep a specified amount of historical data, thus making it possible to utilize the collected data for other purposes. * Easy to extend * Free and open source

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    Hello, since this announce, i've tried to connect to the project website but it's unreachable... regards
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    You must have tried to connect during an update. The site is available. Please try again.