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    JavaServer Faces Flex goal is to provide users capability in creating standard Flex components, part of flexSDK which is open sourced through MPL license, as normal JSF components [note that other dynamic components such as chart are not part of flexSDK]. So users would create the components as normal JSF components and the project will create the necessary SWC, SWF, and etcetera and link the values of the components back to the managed beans using JSON+JavaScript and ActionScript. This article, which is mainly targeted for JSF developers, will provide an overview of creating a simple multilingual JSF page consisting of JSF Flex tags. Read article

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  2. JSF flex == Yuck !![ Go to top ]

    FLEX + GWT would be cool
  3. may influence JSF 3.0 spec[ Go to top ]

    is flex interoparability between various JSF vendors covered as part of JSF 2.0 spec?
  4. Why JSF ?[ Go to top ]

    Why bother with so many layers, it's much simpler and effective to do the RIA directly in Flex and use BlazeDS for communication.
  5. Worst idea...[ Go to top ]

  6. But what for?[ Go to top ]

    Hi, What for do I need to learn/use new stuff which can be buggy when you have possibility to use pure FLEX? There is already a glue between flex and java: spring and blazeds. Cheers Albert