In a first post by Kirk Knoernschild, he discusses the two faces of modularity or what he describes as the The Runtime Model and The Development Model in the context of OSGi. Read Kirk Knoernschild's post 'The Two Faces of Modularity & OSGi': In another post over at the OSGi blog, Peter Kriens writes about what he deems an inaccurate depiction of OSGi being heavyweight, as well as other related topics, like the up until now competing modularity Jigsaw project. Read Peter Kriens's post 'Hi, We're OSGi. We mean no harm': And in a final post by Stuart McCulloch he writes his thoughts as a developer in the tranches with respect to OSGi vs Jigsaw, JSR 330 vs 299 and OBR vs P2. Read Stuart McCulloch's post 'OSGi vs Jigsaw, JSR 330 vs 299, OBR vs P2, Maven vs ...?':