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News: MoteJ 0.9 released

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    motej ( ) is an apache licensed java library for wiimote ( ) communication. Yesterday, we have released version 0.9, that includes (besides bugfixes): * Discover and connect to Wiimote devices * Wiimote IR Camera in basic, extended and interleaved mode * Wiimote Accelerometer * Wiimote rumble feature * Wiimote player LEDs * Wiimote buttons * Read Wiimote EEPROM memory * Write Wiimote registers * Wiimote Status Information * Wiimote Calibration Data * Support for extension controllers o balance board o classic controller o nunchuck controller * Some helper/adapter classes to ease your wiimote development

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    Excellent ! You mean we can control a wiimote using a PC ? Does it support pointing to the screen too ?
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    You can use the wiimote as an input device like a mouse or joystick. An input device equipped with an infrared camera and an accelerometer. Pointing to the screen is not supported, because the wiimote is equipped with an infrared camera only. But you could build something like that Just attach some IR LEDs to your screen and do some math to get the on screen position of the wiimote.