Endeavour Software Project Management Alpha 1.0 released


News: Endeavour Software Project Management Alpha 1.0 released

  1. Endeavour Software Project Management" is a rich web-based Open Source solution to manage the creation of large-scale enterprise systems that use an iterative and incremental development process by providing administration for software process artifacts, reports and collaboration among stakeholders. It features support for Use Cases, Iterations, Project Plan, Change Requests, Defect Tracking, Test Cases, Tasks, Document management, Actors and Project Glossary. The installation for evaluation purposes is extremely easy!, it's as simple as: 1. Download and unzip (everything required is provided in a single file) 2. Execute two scripts (one to start the database and other to start the application server) 3. Access the application through a web browser Note:Specific information is provided at the README.txt file of the distribution The project already comes preloaded with a sample application. If you wish to know more please visit any of the following links: Project website http://endeavour-mgmt.sourceforge.net/ Download http://sourceforge.net/projects/endeavour-mgmt/ Screenshoots http://endeavour-mgmt.sourceforge.net/features1.html

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  2. Linux install?[ Go to top ]

    I tried to install it on Linux, looks like the scripts are for Windows.
  3. Good point![ Go to top ]

    I'm working on the scripts for Linux and plan to release them soon! If you don't want to wait you could create them taking the current ones as a guide, basically all they do is set the classpath an start Hypersonic and Tomcat.
  4. Currently we are using Redmine as: - issue tracker, time tracker - wiki, document manager - SVN repo browser - SVN repo access control Do you plan to have these features in the product? What is the timeline? István
  5. Re.[ Go to top ]

    Endeavour already has support for "issue tracking" and "document management". wiki, SVN repo rowser and SVN access control are out of the scope of this project. "Time tracking" is a candidate for future releases.
  6. KForge[ Go to top ]

    I am currently using KForge as tracker and wiki but recently it crashed because of a weird error. Either we have been hacked (because our business security software crashed too) either the program isn't very good.  Up until 2 months ago we used Codendi and we had no problems with it and now I am thinking that we should switch back to it.