New Article: Can Java EE Deliver The Asynchronous Web?


News: New Article: Can Java EE Deliver The Asynchronous Web?

  1. Stephen Maryka gave us an article about the Asynchronous Web and posed a number of questions that get examined like an approach to delivering Asynchronous Web capabilities through extensions to existing Java EE technologies. While the following discussion is conceptual in nature, concrete implementations of these concepts have been achieved in the ICEfaces open source project. Read article

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    Is the article gone?
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    Never mind, the link wasn't working before, but now it is. I'm not sure if it was a firefox or TSS issue.
  4. Better rename article to: Can IceFaces Deliver The Asynchronous Web? I don't like hidden ads in the articles because they are misleading people so instead of teaching people how to use standard technologies they trying to push their proprietary solution. ICEFaces is very specific framework. With the same success we can write an article: "Can JEE Deliver Online Games?" and then describe some Java FX framework created by some vendor. I know another good example: JBOSS Richfaces where they use different approach in partial re-rendering and it is not clear which way is better: their or IceFaces. Article with generic title should be more objective and describe different solutions for the problem instead of promoting only one.