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  1. Renaming JavaRebel (5 messages) Anyone who knows what it's like to come up with a name for an internal, open source, or commercial project, let alone a name for a child (personal favourites: Jermajesty, Kyd, and Blue Angel - see link embedded in blog post) knows how hard it can be. RE-naming something close to you comes with extra challenges of its own. We're not doing it for the fun of it, but it's not the end of the world. You can get the full story here:

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  2. Ha nice...[ Go to top ]

    Jermajesty... that was pretty funny. Well I'd say the "Swapinator", but you'd probably get sued for that too. Good luck on the rename, the product itself is just awesome.
  3. Use of "Java" never permitted[ Go to top ]

    The use of "Java" in a product name has never been permitted by Sun.
  4. Our try[ Go to top ]

    Deja vu Regards
  5. Re: Renaming JavaRebel[ Go to top ]

    You can always do what the Kevlar ftp guys did
  6. Did Sun ever pay Indonesia?[ Go to top ]

    As per the title, how about paying to Indonesia to use Java in the product?