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    The GMaps4JSF team is pleased to announce the release of GMaps4JSF 1.1.2. New Features: 1. Complete integration with JSF 2.0 Ajax. 2. autoReshape feature: The map can be reshaped according to the contained map markers. A new (autoReshape) attribute is added to the map component. 3. Having a Maven2 repository for the library artifacts. 4. Supporting server side events for the library components not just client side events. 5. adding (showLocationNotFoundMessage) attribute to the map and marker components. To determine whether to show an error message when the location is not found. 6. Fixing markers' issues with IE8. 7. Fixing XHTML compliance issues. 8. Fixing the polygon issue inside the facelets tag. 9. Fixing the markers statelessness issue. 10.Fixing icon coordAnchor issue. 11.Fixing supporting client side events for HTMLInformationWindow. The Demo: The library main page: The tag library documentation page: The quickstart of "How to use the library": GMaps4JSF Slides:
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    This is cool stuff. GMAP adds lot of usefulness and interactivity to any application.