JetBrains Meta Programming System Goes 1.0


News: JetBrains Meta Programming System Goes 1.0

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    JetBrains has just released Meta Programming System 1.0, its Language Workbench implementing the Language Oriented Programming paradigm. Being an advanced instrument for creating new custom languages and extending existing ones, MPS provides the tools to defining language typesystems, constraints and generators. In addition, MPS allows creating new environments for working with these new languages. With the revolutionary and smart "projectional editor," writing the code in any custom language is simple and intuitive. Since MPS is also an advanced instrument for creating Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), domain experts not familiar with programming can easily use MPS to work with the DSLs created with its help. A key advantage of MPS is that languages are composable: they can be easily combined with each other, which promotes reuse of languages. Utilizing the generative approach, languages in MPS are described on a higher level, after which MPS generates compilable code in other languages, such as Java. MPS is free for all users, with a major part of its source code open and available under Apache license. Find out more and download MPS from Check out the MPS Demos and screencasts to become familiar with MPS.
  2. I love most of the stuff Jetbrains does, but MPS is, like DSL's, a bad idea. Language proliferation is the last thing we need...
  3. I think DSLs could be a really good idea. I'm just not so sure about the approach of MPS.