Spring Security - What happens after /you/ log in?


News: Spring Security - What happens after /you/ log in?

  1. From @ocpsoft and @lincolnthree If you have not already completed integrating Spring Security and JSF, please consider it, as this article depends on having a working JSF login page and managed bean. Note: This approach will not work if you are invalidating/re-creating the session after a successful authentication (see Session Fixation attacks). Supporting session invalidation would take some extra work that will not be in the scope of this article. Read the full article here.

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    Were they unaware of the spring-security-redirect parameter? Or am I not understanding what they're doing?
  3. Link to docs?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Scott, Could you please post the docs to the parameter you mentioned? I've been through the SS docs several times, and spoken to a Spring consultant, and this functionality is not supported out-of-box. Thanks, Lincoln
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    Is this the same thing? http://forum.springsource.org/showthread.php?t=65123
  5. Sure is[ Go to top ]

    Will update the article, thanks!
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    Good lord, I thought this site had jump the shark, but now its just publishing anti-pattern nonsense. I mean really....where are the editors? Or do they think this is "helpful" to the enterprise community. You have to be kidding. Move along, nothing to see here....