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EJB programming & troubleshooting: Error while insatlling examples of BeaWeLogic

  1. Error while insatlling examples of BeaWeLogic (2 messages)

    While installing Tradebean example of BeaWeblogic I am getting tthe following error.

    The command is
    java weblogic.ejbc -compiler javac.exe -d ..\..\temp ..\..\temp\examples\ejb\basic\statefulsession\DD.ser /* -d is Option */

    The error is
    D:\weblogic\examples\ejb\..\..\temp\examples\ejb\basic\statefulSession\ class examples.ejb.basic.statefulSession.TraderBeanHomeImpl m
    ust be declared abstract. It does not define javax.ejb.HomeHandle getHomeHandle(
    ) from interface javax.ejb.EJBHome.

  2. I am struggling with the examples too. So far I am up to the Fajuul example.

    The version of Weblogic that came on the CD is no longer valid. So I downloaded a trial version from the BEA website. However that version is 1.1 compliant and all the examples are 1.0.

    I am a little distressed in learning Java. I've been programming for over 25 years and this is the first time I've run across the term "depracated API".

    Heck, I can still run MS DOS program under NT.

    But I will keep forging on in Java.

  3. I have 4.5.1 installed using CD which came alonj with MJB from EdRoman.

    Now I have followed all steps listed in site under Deploying the DemoBean Enterprise JavaBean but to no relief.

    Generated Class files, DD.ser file, Made the jar, and now when I am generating Implementaion and Stub file using
    java weblogic.ejbc -d d:\weblogic\temp examples\ejb\basic\statelessSession\TraderBeanDD.ser

    I get the same problem which I have listed earlier that my bean should be defined as abstract class since it does not implement getHomeHandle frominterface EJBHome....

    Experts please help