Abacus Formula Compiler (AFC) allows integrating calculations defined in spreadsheets into Java applications. AFC compiles Excel or OpenOffice.org spreadsheet files into Java classes that compute output values. Then application uses them with actual input values within its business logic. The classes are plain, thread-safe, and high-performance so you can recompute the valuations of thousands of assets or the wages of thousands of employees. And for financial applications you can compile for BigDecimal instead of double. AFC does not need Excel, OpenOffice, or a JDK to be installed, so you can deploy on any platform supported by Java. It is available under the GPL and a commercial license. The release 1.3.0 adds support for logging of intermediate cell values during computation. It also contains minor improvements and bugfixes. Please see full details here: http://www.formulacompiler.org/download/releasenotes.htm