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    Hello everyone, I m trying to develope an application through JSp, javabeans and jdbc. i m passing username n password from jsp to javabeans n displaying the value on jsp page. this phase is working fine. in the nxt phase i m getting data from datase. nw i want to compare data of jsp input n database. so plz suggest me hw to compare it bcoz it is not working. i m trying this in a java file. i m creating a package, in tat package i m putting connection file n comparision of javabeans n databse file. in d nxt package i m putting i m putting getter n setter class file. so plz tell me how to do comparision b/w javabeans n databasse value???
  2. keep the existing bean as its is. Retreive the resultset, iterate it and store the values in another object of same bean class. Now you have two bean objects, one retrieved from jsp and another from the DB. Now you can compare these values in these objects, you can make the bean class comparable and implement the compareTo() method, this will help in comparing the objects.